Welcome to Rockenhaus.com. Rockenhaus.com serves as the email domain for several members of the Rockenhaus family, and serves as the personal website and blog of the server administrator, Conrad Rockenhaus.

Conrad is active in several open-source communities as well as privacy and free-speech movements on the Internet. He is also active in the areas of research in Copyright, Trademark, Fair Credit Reporting, and Fair Debt Collection Practices legal research, which he blogs about here (not as a lawyer though!). Additionally, Conrad Rockenhaus is a Partner with Greypony Consulting, a firm which provides a wide range of Consulting services as well as low cost privacy protection services, which are designed to completely protect your identity and disassociate you from any activity you are doing within your anonymous identity.

Please feel free to explore the site, and please visit Greypony Consulting whenever you have the time. Thank you!

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My name is Conrad Rockenhaus. I am a disabled combat veteran and I currently spend my time working on several ventures to protect free speech on the Internet, such as the Tor Project and Encyclopedia Dramatica. I also do extensive research into Copyright law and Credit law.

I started this site to give me an avenue to provide technical knowledge on topics that mainly just get posted on random mailing lists….which are sometimes archived by Google, sometimes not. I also wanted to be able to provide copies of legal documentation from the couple of months battle I’ve been fighting with the Credit Reporting Agencies, well, just ONE, regarding credit accounts that were opened in my name illegally, you know, Identity Theft. Finally, I wanted to be able to publicize the pricks that abuse the Court system and try to stifle free speech because they are offended or they’re just pathetic and can’t take a joke.

Anyways, I’m always open to feedback, and I’m also open to contributors, if you would like to contribute to the blog. I greatly appreciate your visit and thank you for reading!