Woo-hoo, my real first post

Man, it has been a really busy day. I haven’t even gone to sleep yet, so I’ve been up for 32 hours straight now. It’s all good though, I’m having fun.

I brought two Tor nodes online on AWS, one configured as a relay and one configured as an exit node. Tor has changed significantly since the last time I configured a relay (that was 2013) so I had fun tinkering with the settings and getting everything just right. Oh, and the best part was getting IPv6 up in the AWS VPC… yeppers. You gotta love AWS networking, of course, I was probably a little bit more confused due to fatigue, but it is what it is.

Right now I’m finishing up bringing up this wonderful WordPress instance up and then I’m going to get virtual hosting working and move my greyponyit.com domain from AWS to this box. Well, I’m using Cloudflare, so move the greyponyit.com domain to Cloudflare, then once DNS is migrated, move it to this box, and yay.

Lots of moving parts going on right now. Soon I’m getting started on the new Cloud project for the Tor Project. More on that later of course. Otherwise, it was a fun install day. Got a lot of stuff done.

Of course, if you’re interested in looking at the status of the two Tor nodes that I set up today, here’s a link to Atlas, the TorProject’s metric system:

Conrad Rockenhaus’ Tor Relay and Exit on AWS

I’ll talk to y’all later, and thank you for reading. -Conrad Rockenhaus


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